Sunday Round Up (1)

I am currently writing this from a hotel room in Londonderry, Northern Ireland! We got here today and are visiting family, staying here until Friday. I thought I’d start a blog post series that I will write every Sunday, which will round up my week, what I have liked and what I have done. Tell me if you like this and I will continue it!

Favourite things about this week:

-Cody Frost, who is now one of my favourite artists ever, has got through to the final of The Voice! I’m honestly so happy for her because she deserves it so much and she is so talented. Her performance on Saturday was just incredible. I’m very excited for next Saturday!

-It’s the Easter holidays and this week has been my first full week off. It’s been so relaxing and I have really needed this break, what with my dance shows last month.

-I went shopping with my friend which was good, and we had the most awkward experience in Starbucks..

Low points:

-I’ve had quite a lot of anxiety this week, which is something that has not really happened before, or much anyway. I’ve procrastinated so much this past week which means I haven’t done nearly as much work as I should. So now, right now even, I’m stressing and getting so nervous about the work I have to do when I get back from Ireland, which is sometimes stopping me from having a good time.

-Following on from that, today was probably my worst ever airport experience. There was nothing wrong but security was a nightmare and I got so stressed out, plus it was so crowded wherever you went, so it made me quite a bit anxious.


As I’ve already said, I’ve been loving Cody Frost this week (and just about every other week) but I’ve also been obsessed with the song Home by Leah McFall. How she is yet to release an album, three years after being on The Voice, is beyond me. Some of my other favourite songs this week include Unbroken by Birdy (which would be PERFECT for a trailer for Broadchurch) and Ordinary World by Duran Duran.


I haven’t read that much this week, which is so disappointing, but I finished Only Ever Yours by Louise O Neil, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, although it was extremely disturbing and quite shocking how similar this world is to our current reality. Today I started Room by Emma Donoghue and I am loving it so far. I have also taken on holiday an Agatha Christie novel, Murder on the Orient Express.

TV Shows:

Well last Sunday (which I will count as this week) I watched the Thirteen finale, The Night Manager finale and the series 3 finale of Luther, and I absolutely adored all of them! Ps- shoutout to my favourite person Olivia Colman for stealing the show in The Night Manager!

But my main TV watching this week comes from my new addiction, Pretty Little Liars. This is such a good show and so gripping! I am already over halfway through season 1 and I cannot wait to continue on with it and find out what happens next. 

Next week:

Most of next week will be spent in Ireland so I am really looking forward to enjoying myself here, I’m having a great time so far. I am dreading having to finish all of my work but I need to put that to the back of my mind for now and just live in the moment. 

Bye for now!


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