Sunday Round Up (2)

Hello! I’m very sorry that my last blog post was the Sunday round up of last week and that I haven’t posted since then. That was mainly because most of this week has been spent in Ireland, I should be able to post more frequently in the future (having said that, we are approaching exam season so I see myself being rather preoccupied with revision!).

Favourite things about this week:

– My visit to Ireland was lovely, it was great to see family who I haven’t seen in two and a half years. 

As you can see, I got a bit overexcited at an exploration of the city in the evening!

 – Over the past couple of days, I’ve gotten a lot of work done and I’m very pleased with myself for that, because of how much I was dreading it before!

– Tonight, I got a notice from Havva, and the teen bloggers chat was so great 🙂

Low points:

– I only went and got searched at security in the airport and had all of my cosmetics tested!

– Cody didn’t win The Voice, and I was very sad about that but only for a short time. It was unlikely she would win, seeing as she’s not a mainstream artist like some of the others, but she’s just incredibly talented and I believe she has a bright future ahead of her.


I can’t stop listening to Cody Frost’s versions of The Chain and Mad World, they’re so amazing. I also really like Kevin Simm’s winner single All You Good Friends after he won The Voice 2016, he is a worthy winner. But the music I have loved this week is the soundtrack to Once, after watching the film. It’s incredible, every song is fantastic and Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova are ridiculously talented. I recommend that you all watch this film then listen to the soundtrack!


I read Room by Emma Donaghue this week, and it was such a brilliant book, I would put it amongst my favourite books. I adore the character of Jack and I’m now desperate to watch the film, especially as Brie Larson has won countless awards for her performance. I’m currently reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s sort of a Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day book (two of my favourite movies!) but it’s also very poignant.

TV shows:

As I’ve been away, I haven’t watched too much TV this week, but I throrughly enjoyed both the final of The Voice (I’m actually very sad this has finished on the BBC and I have lots of thoughts on this series, tell me if you’d like me to make a separate blog post about it) and the launch of the tenth series of BGT. Actually, I have started planning a blog post about my all time favourite talent show singers (from The Voice and The X Factor etc). I also loved Casualty this week (this show deserves more recognition) and I still find Connie and Jacob annoying and I am still dying over Zoe and Max and am patiently waiting for the day they get back together. Again, my main TV watching this week has come from Pretty Little Liars and I am almost finished season 1!

Next Week:

Next week (well tomorrow) school starts back and to say I’m dreading it is a severe understatement. These two weeks have gone way too quickly and I refuse to believe it is over. The only thing I am looking forward to next week is starting back at dance on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s only been two and a bit weeks but I have missed it so so much and I’m already on a countdown to the summer showcase (which is in July, oops).



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