Why do you love Broadchurch so much?

*Broadchurch season 1 and 2 spoilers ahead*


My wonderful friend Elise asked me this, and it was meant to be part of a little Q&A was doing (which I haven’t got round to yet, oops) and after planning it in my head, I realised that I needed a separate blog post entirely to answer it sufficiently. This is because Broadchurch is my favourite TV show ever, and one of my favourite things in general. It really is hard to pinpoint exactly why I love it so much, I instantly fell in love with it. 

I didn’t watch it when it first aired, them a few months later I devoured the first season extremely quickly. I knew then that I loved it, but it was only when the second season began to be advertised that I realised just how much. Unlike pretty much any other programme I had ever watched, viewing it on catch up was simply not an option. It was an event and I enjoyed the build up to an episode of Broadchurch almost as much as the episode itself.

There is one main reason why I love Broadchurch so much, but first I want to mention several other reasons:

1) The music

The Broadchurch soundtrack is simply incredible and I feel the music adds to the enjoyment of the show as much as anything else. Ólafur Arnalds is an amazing composer and I’m so glad that Broadchurch has made me aware of his beautiful music. 

2) The location 

I need to visit West Bay at some point, it really is the most wonderful setting. It’s also so idyllic, which is set against the tragic and brutal murder of a young boy, and I think it makes the whole plot more harrowing because you would never expect anything like that to happen in a stunning little seaside town like this. Following on from this, the cinematography is excellent and although I’m not an expert in that field by any stretch of the imagination, I think the whole show looks simply beautiful.

3) The writing

In the words of the phenomenal Olivia Colman, “Chris Chibnall is an f-ing genius” and this is nothing short of the truth. What he has created is just extraordinary and Chris is such a talent. Some of the plot twists he wrote literally made me gasp (eg. It was Joe, not guilty etc). Particularly with the season 1 reveal of the killer, I did not see it coming whatsoever, although I’m aware that some people did. But even if I wasn’t shocked by the plot twists, the actual words he writes down are so clever. I honestly wish Chris every success in the world when he takes over Doctor Who after Broadchurch. I don’t watch it, but for any Doctor Who fans: you are in for a treat, this man is amazing.

And now, the main reason why I love Broadchurch: the characters.

You could argue that the first series of Broadchurch is near impossible to beat, and I think that in terms of the show as a whole, the first season may always be the best. However, I think that in terms of the characters, Broadchurch series 2 may have surpassed series 1. For some reason, I find myself connecting with all, if not most, of the characters and there is often such brilliant character development. For example, for most of the second series I found Claire Ripley quite annoying and a frustrating character, but by the end of the final episode I loved her so much and I felt for her, I even felt sorry for her. Some characters have larger parts than others, which is to be expected, but every single one has such depth and you would see this as the show progresses. It would be called a ‘supporting cast’ but each and every character is vital to the show, and I think this comes back to the incredible writing by Chris.

And within characters, there is the two simply perfect leads, Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller, played by David Tennant and Olivia Colman. Firstly, before Broadchurch I did not actually know who Olivia was, and I was only vaguely aware of David. Now, he is easily my favourite actor, she is easily my favourite actress and I strive to watch anything else that either of them are in. For example, most recently I have watched Olivia in The Night Manager and Flowers (both amazing programmes) and David in Much Ado About Nothing (with Catherine Tate, which is on YouTube). Back to the actual characters, their relationship is just beautiful. I do understand that Chris is probably trying to avoid the cliche of pairing the two leads together, and although I would love that to happen, I would be just as happy if it didn’t. It’s because their connection and understanding they have of each other, behind all the grumbling and bickering, is honestly like nothing I have ever seen before. Their last scene together in season 2 always leaves me sobbing, even though I now know that they’ll soon be back solving crimes together. (That section was very hard to write, because I just cannot find the words to explain how much those two former detectives mean to me).


So yeah, I love Broadchurch. This doesn’t even begin to cover everything I think about the show, I would love to talk to other people who love it every bit as much as I do, like please feel free! Season 3 starts filming next month (so close – get the pun?) and so I guess it will air right at the beginning of next year like season 2 did. There is such an amazing cast, and I’m currently holding out for cast pictures! In the meantime, I will continue to fangirl internally about this incredible programme, Broadchurch.


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