Why you should watch Line of Duty

So, I’ve just watched the entirity of season 3 of Line of Duty in less than 24 hours, and I really felt the need to make this blog post telling everyone to watch this incredible show. Surprisingly, Line of Duty has been airing on BBC Two, which could be why it is slightly lesser known (although it gave BBC Two its highest ratings for a drama of all time, and its fourth and fifth series will air on BBC One.)

Line of Duty centres around AC12, an anti corruption unit which works to uncover corrupt, or ‘bent’ police officers. Each season focuses on one police officer which AC12 ends up investigating.

 These are just a few reasons why, if you are not watching this incredible crime drama, you should be:
1. The cast

What a cast this is! For me, Vicky McClure steals the show and her performance is sensational, then Martin Compston is also completely brilliant in his role. I have so much love for these two leads, I believe they are the heart of this show and they have such good chemistry which means it just works. I also love Adrian Dunbar, another constant in the three series, with great performances also from Craig Parkinson and Neil Morrissey. Keeley Hawes is fantastic as well in her portrayal of her character, although I won’t give anything away there!

2. The characters 

I think that LOD do a great job of writing flawed characters – take the two leads, Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott for example.

Both of these people have many flaws, and neither of them are perfect by any stretch of the imagination. These flaws are definitely exposed as the seasons unfold, but it doesn’t make me dislike them, in fact it makes me love them all the more. Particularly Kate in season 2, I was annoyed by her at some points but she’s only human, and for me it made the whole show a bit more real and true. I’m drawn greatly to Steve and Kate (and I actually ship them so, so much even though it doesn’t seem like anyone else at all does??) and I have come to care about them more than most other characters in any other show.
3. The interview scenes/ the writing 

Don’t get me wrong, Line of Duty has plenty of action sequences and they are always so brilliant, but what is most effective in this show, without a doubt, is the interview scenes. When AC12 (Steve, Kate and Superintendent Ted Hastings mostly) are interviewing a suspect, scenes in the interview room frequently last in excess of 20 minutes. That is one scene lasting over 20 minutes long. It’s extraordinary. Firstly, credit to the actors, as they are learning pages and pages of script to do that whole scene in a single take. Secondly, it’s so effective and not at all boring. In fact, I think that these are the most exciting and thrilling part of the show, even more than the high intensity action sequences. These scenes are just incredible to watch, and this is all thanks to the genius writing of Jed Mercutio.

4. The story 

I saw someone say, whilst series 3 was airing, that it was not necessary for viewers to have watched the first two series, and I think I actually gasped. For reasons which I couldn’t explain to people who haven’t watched the show, it is vital to start from the beginning, and even if you could, you would just be missing out. The story is just so brilliant. The plotline is often very complex, even more so as you get into the latter seasons, and I actually don’t think it matters that if some points, you’re not completely following what is going on. The whole show is insanely clever and it really knows where it’s going; every single plotline is crucial.

Line of Duty is quite dark, from the very start, but I believe that there is a lot of heart to this show, the whole programme is just very human and behind all of the uniforms and police jargon, it is about friendships, relationships, secrets, lies, trust, teamwork and everything in between. If you haven’t yet watched this wonderful show, please do. I swear you’ll love it just as much as I now do.


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