Blogmas Day 1 – Illness and Exams

Happy December everyone! This is day 1 (of 31, hopefully!) of my new Blogmas series. I will try to put up a new blog post every day of December, in the style of a diary if you like, just updating you on what I’ve been up to that day. I hope you like these blog posts – just warning you that I don’t have the most exciting life at all!

So whilst I wished I could give you a happy and cheery 1st of December post, that isn’t really the case. Whilst I felt very happy to open the first window of my Lindt advent calendar this morning, today has been pretty rubbish. Sorry.

I’ve been so ill all day today, and as I’m writing this, I’m in bed with a blocked nose and a pack of tissues by my side. I’m at the stage where I would just stay off school but my illness has unfortunately coincided with my mock GCSE exams. Today I had three exams, making this the actual worst day ever. I had English Lit in the morning, which I actually feel went much better than expected, followed swiftly (with only a 5 minute break in between) by French listening, which was so so. The positive, and one of the highlights of my day, was that we had a French lesson straight after and I had a full blown discussion with my French teacher about The Missing finale (which was last night and absolutely incredible!). It was great, I actually forgot I was talking to a teacher!

Then I had a Welsh exam in the afternoon, a subject which none of us are really good at to be honest, and that was also much better than expected, so overall quite positive. I went home and did minimal revision due to me feeling like death. I had a chippy tea and comforted myself with my favourite ever episode of Friends, a particularly hilarious episode of Miranda, and I’m a Celeb (so happy that Larry is gone!). I also received a review copy of a book today which I’m super excited to read (I may post my review for a day of Blogmas..)

I have sociology and music exams tomorrow which I’m not looking forward to at all. Can we also pray to the gods that I wake up feeling better, as tomorrow I’m meant to be going to a little Christmas party with the disability dance lot, and I’ve been looking forward to it all week so if I have to miss it I’ll be beyond gutted. Fingers crossed for me! See you all tomorrow X

P.S. – I’m in bed listening to my Saara Aalto playlist and she HAS to win X Factor in order to redeem this shambles of a series (her and Matt for the final two please, although I also love Emily so I don’t know). She is honestly one of the most incredible vocalists and performers I’ve ever heard and seen in my life. No one deserves it more than her!


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