Blogmas Day 2 – Candy Canes and The Best Night Ever

Me again! A more positive blog post today, thankfully!

It didn’t start off too well though, I woke up still very ill with the prospect of two more mock exams. But it wasn’t too bad; sociology actually went so well, the best of my mocks so far, and music was half decent, whilst I think I messed some of it up, the essay question was a dream.

I spent lunchtime selling candy canes which we eventually deliver to a person of their choice (it’s basically the ‘you go Glenn Coco’ scene from Mean Girls) to raise money for our prom and our yearbook. That was fun, and me and my friend agreed that collectively, we would contribute a lot to the money raised, by buying candy canes for ourselves, how sad😉

But tonight. Tonight was just amazing and I struggle to find the exact words to describe it. I went to a Christmas party at my dance studio which was organised wonderfully by a career of one of the members of the disability dance company (which I have been  a part of now for almost a year, that’s insane). So I donned my Christmas jumper (it says ‘Express Your-elf’ by the way):

I could not believe that over 40 people were there, most with a disability whether it is mental or physical, as well as some family members. There were so many people I’d never met before, and when I arrived, some anxiety began to creep up, but then I was absolutely fine, more than that even. I had such a laugh with my amazing friend, whom I would have been lost without tonight; I cringed at his party dancing even though he is in fact a dancer, and we sang our hearts out to what we agreed was the best Christmas song, Fairytale of New York – that has always been my favourite but after tonight, it’ll be forever special to me.

There were times tonight where I stepped back, looked around and wanted to cry with happiness that I’d stumbled across the most warm and inclusive environment I’d ever been in. Dance is my passion and it is how I became involved in this, but I realised that this goes beyond choreography and ‘5,6,7,8’. It is about love and friendship and kindness and resilience and strength and inclusivity and collaboration. This whole experience is something which will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

No one could ever understand how special tonight was. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so content. See you all tomorrow X

P.S. – I’m now listening to my entire Saara playlist on a daily basis. She’s singing All I Want For Christmas is You and a reprise of Chandelier tomorrow! Buzzing x


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