Blogmas Days 3 and 4 – I haven’t done much!

Me again!

I decided to just write a blog post about today and yesterday combined, and that still doesn’t give me much to say, as I really have done absolutely nothing this weekend. Sorry!

I didn’t work at the charity shop today, as I’m still in the process of recovering from being ill, I still feel pretty meh but much improved. I feel so bad for letting my manager down three weeks in a row now, as for the last two weeks I was revising for mocks. So there wasn’t even anything interesting to talk about there! 

Speaking of mocks, I only have two left – French reading and physics -which are tomorrow, and then they are over, much to my relief. French is okay really but I’m more than ready to absolutely fail physics, it’s by far my worst subject along with biology, I cannot digest the information! 

As for tv related stuff, I’m so happy that Scarlett won I’m a Celeb tonight, she’s so deserving, even though I would have liked Joel to win. I genuinely believe they both have very bright futures though. But also.. SAARA IS IN THE X FACTOR FINAL!!! I still cannot believe it, she’s come such a long way, and I’m indescribably proud of her! I’d love nothing more for her and Matt to be standing there at the end in the final two, and then for Saara to win (which actually seems quite possible) but right now I’m just so happy she’s in the final, no one is more deserving!

Well I’m so sorry, that was incredibly boring and uneventful. I hope you all had a great weekend, and speak to you all tomorrow!


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